Payment Methods

  • We accept Paypal, Mastercard, American Express, & Visa.

Returns and exchanges

  • All of our items are guarenteed with a 30 day warranty
  • if you have any issues with an item, let us know and we can exchange it for a working one if we have another
  • OR provide full store credit back so you can pick out something else.
  • Shoot us an email and we will get you a prepaid label to send the item back & once it is received you will either get the amount credited to your account or another one shipped out to you.
Availability & Shipment questions
  • All items listed on our site are at out Huntersville location
  • We are only offering store pickup at this time
  • Some rarer items are only available in-store
  • Please feel free to add items to your wishlist to be notifed when we get them in!
Item Conditions
  • All Games, Consoles & Funko Products we sell are used, All Plush, Necklaces, Keychains, and anything else in our Misc Category is New.
  • All disc based games WILL come in original cases with original artwork
  • Manuals may not be included, but feel free to ask us on facebook if an item does/does not ahve a manual
  • All cartridges are CARTRIDGE ONLY Unless otherwise specified
  • DS Loose is cartridge only
  • DS Complete is case, artwork, game. manual may not be included
  • 3DS is usually CARTRIDGE ONLY, very few 3DS games will include the case, again, feel free to ask us about this via facebook
  • Complete Genesis will include Case, Artwork, Game & Manual
  • Complete NES/SNES/N64 will all be Box, Manual, & Game, feel free to ask us for photos for condition of these items via facebook
  • Anything in the Amiibo category will be new, but the cardboard may have damages
  • 99% of our VITA games will come in original cases, but it is not guaranteed
Contact Us
Order/Item Support
  • Light gun or Zapper not working?
    •  Light Guns/Zappers will NOT work with LCD, Plasma, or Projection televisions. It will only work with tube-style CRT televisions.
  • Don't know how to set up a system or can't get it to work?
    • We will include instructions on how to set up each system with your order along with some troubleshooting in case you run into any issues.
    • if you have recieved an item and are still having issues, please email us or message us via facebook.
  • Game not working?
    • If you are having issue with a cartridge, please attempt to clean the contacts/pins. Even a tiny amount of dirt or dust can cause issues. 
    • It's best to use a Qtip and rubbing alcohol/(windex if you are in a pinch), clean it until there is no more dirt, place it in the system, take it out and clean it one more time.
    • Let it dry for a minute or so and try it again. 
    • This will fix the issue the majority of the time
  • Having an issue with a disc based game?
    • clean all fingerprints off the disc with a soft cloth (preferably microfiber) 
    • If it is a PS2 disc, some blue discs will no longer play in certain PS2 systems, if you bought the console from us, contact us and we will arrange to replace it with one that does read blue discs.
If none of these address the issue you are having, please contact us